Skidfuscator sells on a major version basis which follows the JDK standard versioning. As of right now, Skidfuscator is of the version 2.19.0 (JDK 19). When purchasing a license, you are entitled between 6-12 months (depending on the license type) of free updates. You may renew your updates for a discounted price (see Updates) When purchasing an update, you are once again granted that same period as an extension.

Personal License

Personal licenses are exclusively for individual personal use, also known as "small developer". This pricing scheme is designated towards smaller individual developers looking to publish their products independently or under a same group which is:

  1. Not incorporated
  2. An association moreso than a company

See below the attached pricing:

ChairsPriceDurationLink to purchase
1$2006 months of free updatesPurchase hereopen in new window
2-5$150/per6 months of free updates
5+$120/per6 months of free updates

Commercial License

Commercial licenses come with offline support, PDF invoice, registered key and direct 1:1 support. These are targetted towards enterprises, commercial entities, and any registered business which seeks to provide software under a company name.

ChairsPriceDurationLink to purchase
1-10$600/per12 months of free updates
10-25$500/per12 months of free updates
25+$400/per12 months of free updates


Updates for 1 additional year may be purchased for 50% of the original price. Please contact [email protected] to receive an update link.


You may contact [email protected] for any pricing concern, offer, or requests.